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2021-22 VSL

Session I 2021-22

2021-22 Village Soccer Leagues Session II (Jan/Feb/March, 2022) Information

Dates: Session II will begin Saturday, January 8, 2022

  • Futsal League Divisions:
    • Male and Female Divisions
      • U10 = players born in 2012 and younger
      • U11 = players born in 2011 and younger
      • U12 = players born in 2010 and younger
      • U13 = players born in 2009 and younger
      • U14 = players born in 2008 and younger
      • U15 = players born in 2007 and younger
    • Coed
      • U8  = players born in 2014 and younger
      • U9  = players born in 2013 and younger
  • High School (7v7) Competition Levels:
    • High School Boys 'A' = highly competitive (e.g., varsity level teams)
    • High School Girls 'A' = highly competitive (e.g., varsity level teams)
    • High School Boys 'B' = moderately competitive (e.g., junior varsity level teams)
    • High School Girls 'B' = moderately competitive (e.g., junior varsity level teams)
    • High School Boys 'C' = competitive (e.g., freshman/sophomore level teams)
    • High School Girls 'C' = competitive (e.g., freshman/sophomore level teams)

Games: All registered youth futsal and high school teams will be scheduled for a minimum of 6 games.


  • Youth Futsal (5v5): $350/team (12 player max roster)
  • High School (7v7): $600/team (14 player max roster)

Registration Deadline: CLOSED

Session II Schedule Completion: We hope to have schedules published by Jan. 1, 2022


Speedway Sports Complex & Village Soccer Leagues COVID19 Expectations

UDPATED 1.7.21: COVID-19 guidelines will updated as needed and will be based upon Lincoln/Lancaster County Health Department recommendations. 

Everyone is responsible to do their part to prevent the spread and minimize the risks associated with COVID19.

Before attending VSL league games at Speedway Sports Complex:

  • The facility manager will require that spectators pay a facility ‘gate fee’ to recoup the cost of electrostatic disinfection.
    • Spectators will be charged according to the following:
      • $2.00 per spectator for single game admittance
      • $3.00 per spectator for spectators attending more than 1 game
    • Players and coaches will not be charged a gate fee
  • Before attending, all participants should check for symptoms. Anyone exhibiting symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, headache, sinus congestion, sore throat, vomitting/diarrhea) should not attend.
  • Anyone with direct contact with a confirmed case of COVID19 should refrain from attending until confirmed negative for COVID19 or have quarantined for at least 10 days.
  • Refrain from carpools/traveling with other participants not in your immediate household.
  • Parents, spectators, and coaches are expected to model appropriate behavior regarding COVID19 guidelines (see more detail below).

While attending VSL league games at Speedway Sports Complex:

  • The facility will be sanitized regularly.
  • All participants will observe and follow designated entry and exit plans.
  • Social distancing will be encouraged.
  • All participants/spectators should exit the facility as soon as possible following the conclusion of your scheduled games.
    • Spectators will be REQUIRED to wear masks while in the facility.
    • Players that are actively participating on the field are ENCOURAGED to wear masks.

Any persons who cause issues or do not follow these policies will face the potential of the team forfeiting the game.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact Noelle at 708-762-9848.


Thank you,

SSC Management team.

Youth Futsal Rules

High School (7v7) Rules